Tricom offers a range of Specialty Chemicals designed to meet the requirements of a variety of industries. We offer Lubricant Additives, as well as Drilling & Construction Chemicals.

Below is a listing of products we offer. Please note that our product portfolio is constantly being updated as we develop and source new products, so please contact us to receive our most up-to-date product listing.

Our high quality Performance Additives and Package Additives cover the full range of API performance levels, and can support the economic formulation of lubricant oils.

Performance Additives

  • Tbn Boosters
  • ZDDP
  • Viscosity Index Improvers
  • Pour Point Depressants
  • Antifoams
  • Antioxidants
  • Friction Modifiers
  • Ashless Dispersants
  • Extreme Pressure & Antiwear
  • Grease Ingredients
  • Brake Fluids Dot 3, 4 & 5
  • Package Additives

  • Multifunctional Di Package
  • Petrol Lubricant Additive Package
  • Diesel Lubricant Additive Package
  • Gear Oil Additive Package
  • Hydraulic Fluid Additive Package
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Additive Package
  • Two Stroke Motor Oil Additive Package
  • Metal Working Fluid Package
  • Fuel Additive Package

  • We offer a full range of water well drilling checmicals, and specialty chemicals for application in construction industries.

    Drilling Chemicals

  • Drill Foam
    Foaming agent for air, mist, and foam drilling operations
  • Bentonite
    For use in mud drilling operations
  • Polymers
    To be used as borehole stabilizers in all types of drilling operations
  • CMC
    Additives for mud drilling operations
  • Biocides
    Specialty biocides to be used in oil well drilling operations.
  • Construction Chemicals

  • Air Entraining Foam
    Used in light density concrete and thermal insulating applications
  • Ducting Adhesive
    One component adhesive with special additives to provide uniform bonding to most substrates
  • Wood Glue
    Adhesive for wood based products and joint assembly
  • Contact Adhesive
    Used for strong bonds with high shear resistance
  • Concrete Setting Agent
    Concrete setting retarders (used to increase setting time) & accelerators (to reduce setting time) improve the workability and physical properties of ready mix concrete
  • We offer a complete range of high quality water treatment and swimming pool chemicals.

  • Water Treatment Chemicals
    • Calcium Hypochrolite 65%
    • TICA Tablets
    • SDIC Granules
  • Bromine-based chemicals available in tablet and granule form
  • Algaecide and Biocides
  • Pool Acid

  • To receive the most up to date product information, as well as pricing details, contact our sales team.