Tricom offers a complete range of ingredients used in the manufacture of Home Care products, including detergents, multipurpose cleaning products, dishwashing liquids, and more.

Below is a listing of products we offer. Please note that our product portfolio is constantly being updated as we develop and source new products, so please contact us to receive our most up-to-date product listing.

  • Surfactants
    Anionic agents, cationic agents, non-ionic agents, amphoteric agents
  • Emulsifiers
    Emulsifiers for cosmetic, personal care and home care formulations covering Twees, Spans, Alcohol & Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates, Glyceryl Monostearate, and many more
  • Concentrates
    Available for various applications such as antiseptics, disinfectants, and fabric softeners
  • Thickeners & Rheology Modifiers
    Cationic Thickeners for fabric softeners, and thickening agents for liquid detergents
  • Ingredients for Antiseptic Formulations
    Chloroxylenols, castor oil soaps, cetrimide, chlorohexidines, and more
  • Ingredients for Disinfectant Formulations
    Includes high active ingredients such as pine oil, chloroxylenols, and quarternary ammonium biocides

  • To receive the most up to date product information, as well as pricing details, contact our sales team.